Scorpbot to OBS

Adding Scorpbot As An Overlay In OBS

Scorpbot to OBS


In order for your Scorpbot graphics to display in OBS and finally output to your stream, you need to add Scorpbot as a source within OBS. It only take a few steps to get this setup and you should only have to do this once.

  1. In Scorpbot, head over to the 'GFX' tab
  2. Match your window size to your streaming resolution. In my case, this is 720p.
  3. Its a good idea to click the 'Show window on startup' check box so you graphics are always ready to go.
  4. Click the 'Open Stream Window' button and a new window will open up.


  This is your virtual green screen that you just setup. This is your pallet that you will use to place and locate your graphics on your screen. Keep in mind that this must always be open and not minimized in order to work. oooh green screen  

  For this next step we are basically linking this Scorpbot  green screen window in OBS. We will then key out the green background similar to how a green screen works to remove the background in your webcam. Once this window is linked, every time a Scorpbot graphic is triggered, it will then display in OBS which then outputs to your stream. Good to go!  Leave Scorpbot and the green screen window and not minimized. Open OBS.

  1. Select your Scene that you want to display the graphics. Or create one if you have yet to set this up. In my example, I am picking my sample - Xbox scene.
  2. Under the 'Sources' column, click the '+' sign to add a new source.
  3. Select 'Window Capture' from the list.




  1. Give this source a name. In this example we will name it 'Scorpbot Interactives'.
  2. Click 'OK'



  1. A new properties window will now pop up and there will be a pull down window that lists all your current Windows windows. As long as you didnt minimize the Scorpbot windows, you will see '[Scorpbot.exe]: Scorpbot - Stream Window' as an option. Select this window.
  2. Uncheck 'CaptureCursor'
  3. Click 'OK'
  4. The green screen window will now appear in your scene. It should be set to your window size, but if not, you can adjust it by clicking and grabbing the handles. You may need to shift+click and drag to fine tune the sizing.



  1. Next we will make the green color disappear, leaving us with a transparent background to work with. Right click your new source and go to 'Filters'.



  1. Click the '+' sign in the new 'Filters' window.
  2. Select 'Chrome Key' from the list and give it a name. I am leaving it as the default in this example.
  3. You'll notice the default settings for this Chroma Key will wipe out the green screen background!
  4. Click 'Close' and you should be all set up with linking Scorpbot to OBS.



  1. One last step I recommend is locking the source to prevent any accidental movement. This is setup to fill your entire screen so there is no need to move it. You will be adjusting the graphics placement directly in Scorpbot.



This step only needs to be completed one time as long as you leave it as a source in OBS. Once this is finished, check out these other Scorpbot guides.

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