So I've been gaming for quite some time now from back in the Atari (briefly) and the NES days. Through the next gens and the next-next gens consoles, up until today's current tech. I have been lucky enough to experience it all. However, from childhood until now, I've experienced varying levels of passion towards gaming from complete nirvana in my younger years to absolute lows where gaming played no part in my daily adult life.

It wasn't until recently when I rediscovered my true passion for gaming by stumbling upon the Mixer community and meeting such a great and supportive group of individuals. It doesn't get any better than being able to support fellow gamers in what they love to do, as well as being able to share my own game play skills and/or lack thereof.

Taking advantage of the available technology to not only share with the world, but being able to interact in real time with those who share such a great interest? Its kind of mind boggling actually. Hanging out, succeeding and failing with fellow gamers is the pinnacle of the true gaming experience.


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