Scorpbot was the first live streaming bot that I was introduced to when I first started running a capture card/pc stream setup. Scorpbot has held up well with its great user and support base along with its constant updates. Some of the useful built in features as of v 1.1.90 include:

  • -built in chat monitoring (Twitch/Mixer/Discord)
  • -Useful dashboard tab which allows you to update game info and lists your sessions followers, hosts, subs, raiders.
  • -Autohosting functionality
  • -Viewer list database
  • -Giveaway functionality
  • -Currency
  • -Custom Commands
  • -Chat Games
  • -Quotes
  • -Built-In Interactive Board
Scorpbot to OBS

Adding Scorpbot As An Overlay In OBS

In order for your Scorpbot graphics to display in OBS and finally output to your stream, you need to add ...

Scorpbot Alerts Title

Adding Scorpbot Sound FX To Your Live Stream

SCORPBOT SFX VIA COMMAND Scorpbot allows you to add custom sound effects (SFX) and graphics (GFX) to your OBS scenes ...

Scorpbot Alerts Title

Adding Scorpbot Graphics To Your Live Stream

You can add custom graphics and gif animation (GFX) to Scorpbot. These can also linked to your SFX files. These ...

Scorpbot Alerts Title

Adding An Interactive Board [Scorpbot]

SCORPBOT SFX VIA INTERACTIVE BOARD An interactive board can be a way to keep viewers occupied and give them more ...

Scorpbot Alerts Title

Scorpbot Alerts And Activity History Overlays

After you've got your web cam, mic, capture card settings down in OBS, you will be up and running with ...





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