Streamlabs is a fantastic streamers tool that has been a part of my streaming arsenal since day 1. One of the biggest benefits of Streamlabs is the availability of its tools via their web interface. You simply login via your streaming platform, authorize and you are good to go. The standalone Streamlabs tools are also fantastic and I will be putting together guides for these soon: StreamlabsOBS, Streamlabels and Chatbot.

I am a proud Streamlabs All-Star and I will continue to use the robust Streamlabs tools in my streaming toolbelt as they never fail to impress. I highly recommend everyone apply for All-Star status once you meet their requirements.

Some of the Streamlabs tools include:

  • Follower, Host, Subscriber, Donation Alerts
  • Donations
  • Goal Tracking
  • Streamboss Interactive
  • Eventlist
  • Wheel Spin
  • Tip Jar
  • Donation Ticker
  • Wishlist
  • Credits
  • Viewer Counter

Keep in mind that to fully benefit from Streamlabs overlays you will need to be streaming via a PC either with the Xbox App or a capture card.

Streamlabs to OBS

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Streamlabs Event List

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streamlabs setting up a donation link

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