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Adding An Interactive Board [Scorpbot]

Scorpbot Alerts Title


SCORPBOT SFX VIA INTERACTIVE BOARD An interactive board can be a way to keep viewers occupied and give them more opportunities to interact with you as you stream. Sparks cost and cooldowns can be adjusted for each button so you can customize things to your liking. This will also help minimize the spamming of your interactive buttons. Here is a step by step to get the board up and running on Scorpbot. Make sure you've already setup some sounds and / or graphics and also added Scorpbot as a source in OBS.  

  1. Head over to the 'Interactive' tab.
  2. Input the name that you would like displayed on the button.
  3. Enter your desired cooldown time in seconds before the button can be pressed again.
  4. Enter your desired sparks cost per button press.
  5. This is your syntax to activate the command. It must be typed correct in order to work: $sfx(filename). In our example the 'Game Over' file name is entered minus the file extension, which is not needed. Change this accordingly to whatever your filename is.
  6. Ensure that the two checkboxes are ticked.
  7. I recommend clicking the 'Free for Caster' checkbox. This ensures that no sparks are deducted from your total when you press the button. This helps for testing purposes, but is also nice to keep on all the time.
  8. Once all this is set, click the 'Create' button.
  9. A new button will appear based on the size in the options. To modify the size or move the button around, uncheck 'Visible' and click 'Update. Just make sure to make it visible again and update when you are happy with the size and location.

    Rinse and repeat to add additional buttons. If you would like to create a button that displays graphics, head over to the GFX tutorials( under construction). To enable to buttons on stream, click the Connect button. To disable just click the Disconnect button. Make sure you've linked your bot and streamer accounts first otherwise this will not work.  

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