My streaming setup is currently geared towards gaming console streaming however with a few minor input and output adjustments, same or separate PC streaming can easily be accomplished.

What you will see here is by no means a minimum in equipment you need to get started streaming. In fact, I would argue against purchasing all this equipment if you are just starting out. When I set my mind to something I tend to over do it a bit. It also doesn't help that I am somewhat of an audiophile so I strive to create the best quality content for your viewing pleasure.

Most current gen gaming consoles have built in streaming options so you could get started with that and the addition of a basic headset with microphone if you intent on interacting with your audience, which I highly recommend.

Direct console streaming is somewhat limited compared to streaming through a capture card on a PC, but it is definitely a start. Introducing a PC and capture card opens up a lot more possibilities for fancy green screen effects, overlays, sounds, interactive boards, etc. that you see as the norm on streaming sites.

I plan to create addition write ups breaking down some of thia content so check back often for updates.


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