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Adding Scorpbot Graphics To Your Live Stream

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You can add custom graphics and gif animation (GFX) to Scorpbot. These can also linked to your SFX files. These can be triggered via custom commands, actions (follows, hosts, etc.), or they can incorporated via the interactive board buttons. Scorpbot needs to be linked to OBS via a window capture source. This will allow the graphics and animations to be displayed in OBS and output to your stream. Ensure that you follow this step first to make sure Scorpbot and OBS are linked properly. Once you finish this step, head back to this section to continue creating your graphics.


  If you haven't yet, head over to the official Scorpbot website, download and install the program.

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  1. Open Scorpbot and click the 'GFX' tab
  2. Click the 'Open Media Folder'

scorpbot gfx setup


  1. A Windows Explorer window will pop up. My default path is set to: C:\ScorpBot\Data\Media\. This is where you will drop all your image files via Windows Explorer. Since I access this folder quite often, I created desktop shortcut to this location.
  2. In this example I am using 'GameOverFX' gif file. Whenever you add a new graphic file to Scorpbot, add it to this folder location every time.



  1. Head back to the same Scorpbot 'GFX' tab and click  'Reload'. The clip should now be loaded into Scorpbot.
  2. Click 'Add' to create a new graphic.
  3. 'New1' will appear in the 'Animations' window.
  4. 'New1' will also appear in the 'Animation Settings' in the 'Name' box.

  scorpbot gfx new file

  We will now wrap up the graphic by linking the image and audio file (if any).

  1. Rename the animation to something relevant. In this example, we will call this 'GameOverFX'.
  2. Click the pulldown arrow and pick the appropriate file. In this example we will choose 'GameOverFX.gif'. If you do not see the file, ensure that you placed your file in the correct directory and clicked the 'Reload' button.
  3. The positioning section allows you to precisely locate the graphic on screen. You can plug coordinates directly or if you click the 'Set' button and head to your green screen stream window, you can click and drag the border to your desired position.
  4. The 'Play Sound' section allows you to play a custom sound with your graphic. All of my graphic interactives have sounds associated with them. In this example, my 'Game Over' sound effect is already setup in Scorpbot. If you have not yet completed the 'ADD SOUND FX TO SCORPBOT' tutorial, go check it out and your SFX should then populate in this pull down window.
  5. Click 'Save'
  6. You will notice the 'New1' filename will now update to the name that you set.

  scorpbot gfx setup settings   Repeat these steps to add additional graphics to Scorpbot. Make sure to 'Add' a new animation first or you can risk overwriting a previously saved animation.

You'll notice that I did not go over every setting in this window. Feel free to experiment with these settings to tweak your new animation to your liking. The 'Animation Frames'  Delay setting will change the speed of the gif and the Loop setting will determine how many times the gif is repeated.

The 'Text' setting will allow text to be displayed with the graphic. The box to the right will allow you to change the text color. There are also text variable that you can select from the pulldown menu as well as text outline and offset commands.

TESTING YOUR NEWLY CREATED GRAPHICS AND GIFS After creating your GFX, I would test these out to see if they are working in OBS. The good thing is you do not have to be live streaming to test them. Just ensure the following:

  Then simply hit the 'Test' button in the Scorpbot 'GFX' tab and it should all work out.  

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