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Adding Scorpbot Sound FX To Your Live Stream

Scorpbot Alerts Title


SCORPBOT SFX VIA COMMAND Scorpbot allows you to add custom sound effects (SFX) and graphics (GFX) to your OBS scenes. These can be triggered via custom commands, actions (follows, hosts, etc.), or they can be incorporated via the built in interactive board.

  1. Open Scorpbot and click the 'Audio' tab
  2. Click the 'SFX' sub tab
  3. Click the 'Open Folder'

scorpbot sound effects



  1. A Windows Explorer window will pop up. My default path is set to: C:\ScorpBot\SFX. This is where you will drop your audio file via Windows Explorer.
  2. In this example I am using a 'Game Over.mp3' sound clip.


scorpbot windows file location  



  1. Head back to the same 'SFX' Scorpbot tab and 'Reload'. The clip should now appear on your page.
  2. Set the 'User Delay'. This will be the cooldown before the command can be used again. This is very important to do this to prevent spamming the command.
  3. Adjust your 'Default cost'. This will apply all around to all your SFX commands unless you specify a 'Cost' further below.
  4. Give the command a name. I would include the '!' as the command will have to be typed verbatim.
  5. Click 'Save' to save the information to Scorpbot. Rinse and repeat to add additional SFX.

Don't forget to make sure you have the boxes checked to enable the SFX commands. In my example, the command to type in chat is '!over' and it will trigger the sound 'Game Over.mp3. It has a user delay of 5 minutes and will cost each user 25 sparks each time.

scorpbot sound effects settings


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