streamlabs setting up a donation link

Streamlabs: Setting Up A Donation Link For Live Streamers

streamlabs setting up a donation link


While I don't think pushing for donations should ever be a top priority for streamers, I think it is wise to get a donation link setup in case someone asks. It is also a good idea to put a link within your live streaming profile. There are many options to choose from when creating an account for donations. Take a look at the options out there and weigh the benefits. Keep in mind that some sites take a portion of your donations, including PayPal.

I personally use Streamlabs as it is simple to setup, links to a PayPal account, has options to add credit cards as a donation option and Streamlabs does not take a percentage of your donations. I also use a Business PayPal account as tracking for tax purposes is easier and it also allows you use a business entity name within your correspondence. If you were to use a personal PayPal account, the name on your account will be included in email correspondence. This may be a concern for some.



Setting up the Streamlabs donation link is fairly simple. Head over to the Streamlabs homepage and click the 'Login' button.


Streamlabs login


Select your account login of choice. In this example, we are logging in via Mixer. If you've completed any of the other Streamlabs guides then you should already have your permissions setup, but if not go ahead an accept all the permissions  to continue logging in.


streamlabs login mixer



  1. Once logged into Streamlabs, click on 'Donation Settings' 
  2. You will see a link in gold, which will be your direct link to your donation page. It should simply be Copy this link and use this in your profile, bot, etc.

You should then see the available accounts you can link to your Streamlabs account. I personally use PayPal and also setup the Credit Card option as those seem to be the most popular donation methods in my channel.


Streamlabs Donation Setting



Linking PayPal with Streamlabs 


Linking PayPal is simple. Click on 'PayPal' and just enter your PayPal email address. Ensure that you have a PayPal account already created or go ahead and create one prior to completing this step. Remember to weigh your options of a personal vs. business PayPal account. Once you enter your email and click 'Submit', it will appear on your Donation settings page.


Streamlabs PayPal setup



Disconnect or Change PayPal account from Streamlabs


If you ever want to remove or change your PayPal account, just click the PayPal option again and click 'Disconnect'. You can then re-add a PayPal account.


Streamlabs disconnect PayPal



Accept Credit Card Donations in Streamlabs

To accept donations via credit card, click the 'Credit Cards' option and fill in the required information. Keep in mind there may be fees associated with credit card donations. They will most likely be taken out prior to you receiving your cut. Once setup, you should see 'Available Balance' and 'Pending' under your 'Donation Settings'. Remember that credit card payments will not be sent to your PayPal account. For me, the credit card donation will be pending for a few days then eventually switch over to your available balance (minus fees). These funds will sit within your Streamlabs page until you link a bank account and transfer the donation to your bank.


Streamlabs credit card connected


Note: When setting up credit card donations, you may receive an account verification popup.

Streamlabs verify account

If this is the case, head over to this Streamlabs support page and follow their guidelines to verify your account. While this may be a hassle to do, bravo on Streamlabs for keeping account security a top priority.



You should be all setup and ready to go. Again, use the unique Streamlabs donation link found in  your 'Donation Settings' page. Copy and paste this link wherever you see necessary. Some potential locations would be within your live streaming profile, a command within your bot, a bot message on a timer, etc.

Your link is now live and set to accept donations. The last thing you want to do is miss a donation during a live stream. You can follow this guide to get your Streamlabs donations notifications to pop up on stream.





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