Streamlabs Event List

Adding Streamlabs Event List Overlay To Your Stream

Streamlabs Event List


Now that you have Streamlabs setup with your broadcasting software lets go ahead and get another basic stream overlay tools setup. Streamlabs has multiple URLs for the different overlay tools, adding the Event List will be very similar to how you added the Alert Box, just with a different BrowserSource URL. The Event List overlay gives you a visual timeline of recent follows, subscribers, donations and hosts. I believe this is another staple alert that can add a lot to your stream.


Streamlabs event list


Ensure that you have already linked Streamlabs with your broadcast software.

Head over to the Streamlabs homepage and click the 'Login to get started button'. You should already have your permissions setup, from your initial Streamlabs setup, but if not go ahead an accept all the permissions to continue logging in.


Streamlabs login



Once at your Dashboard screen, click the Widgets section to open this up.


Streamlabs dashboard


Your available Widgets will now be listed. As of the writing of this article you should have the following options. Click the 'Event List'.



Streamlabs Event List Widget



Here is the top section of the Event List settings.  Click the 'Copy' button in the Widget URL section. This is your unique URL that will be pasted into OBS. As the warning below states, do not share this with any other users or sites.

Once copied, lets open up your broadcasting software. In this example, we will be using OBS.


Streamlabs Event List URL



Head over to OBS

  1. Select your Scene that you want to display the graphics. Or create one if you have yet to set this up. In my example, I am picking my sample - Xbox scene.
  2. Under the 'Sources' column, click the '+' sign to add a new source.
  3. Select 'Browser Source' from the list.


OBS streamlabs browsersource


  1. Give this source a name. In this example we will name it 'Streamlabs Event List'.
  2. Click 'OK'


OBS Streamlabs Event List Source


In the properties window:

  1. Paste the Streamlabs Widget URL that you copied from the Streamlabs website in the previous steps. You can also adjust the width and height of the display as needed. You can also adjust this in real time later.
  2. You can adjust the default Width and Height per your personal preference. I start with 400 x 300 for the Event List. This can also be manually adjusted in your OBS display window.
  3. Click 'OK'.

OBS streamlabs browsersource settings



You will now have a red outline on screen which represents your newly created Streamlabs Event List overlay. Click and drag one of the red circle handles to adjust the size and proportions. Click and drag inside the box to move its location, if desired. It is a good idea to now lock the window so you do not accidentally move the source. Click the lock icon next to your source name. Simply unlock this anytime you want to make any later adjustments.

OBS Locked source


Now it is time to test out the alerts to make sure everything is functioning correctly. No need to go live, just keep OBS open for now.



Head back to the Streamlabs website. In the Widgets - Event List settings, you will have the option to test the four alerts.


Streamlabs Event List Test


Give each one a try and you should see the alerts in OBS.


Streamlabs OBS Event List


All good to go!



Customizing Event List graphics, text, etc.

The default Event List settings, fonts and graphics will work, but I would suggest going through your Event List settings and customizing each alert.

The default settings do not create event for follow and hosts. Personally I like including these as well. Make sure to check these boxes if you want these included in your event list. When you are happy with your changes, do not forget to hit the Save button.

Remember to keep branding in mind. This would be a good opportunity to standardize your fonts and color schemes. You want to stand out from the rest!


Streamlabs Event List Settings


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