Scorpbot Alerts Title

Scorpbot Alerts And Activity History Overlays

Scorpbot Alerts Title


After you've got your web cam, mic, capture card settings down in OBS, you will be up and running with vanilla OBS streaming. This is an important first step because it will allow you to run some tests to ensure you have the best quality steam that you can mix together.

Take the time to tweak and perfect your basic setup and take advantage of the record button to monitor what your stream output will be, every time. I do a couple quick video recordings before I hit that stream button. Having a good audio mix and synced game and cam video/sound is critical to keeping an audience around.
Once you are good with your vanilla OBS, I would jump to Streamlabs to get your alerts overlay setup. I really like the flavor these alerts add to a stream therefore this was my first customization I worked on before and soundboard sounds or graphics.

You can also use built in alerts in Scorpbot. Set these up by following these steps:



Now that you have a SFX in Scorpbot, you can take this a step further via the built in functionality and apply this to an Alert.

  1. Head over to the 'Settings' tab.
  2. The SFX column can now be populated with your newly created sound via the drop down menu. If you create additional SFX,they will show up here as well. The same can be down with graphics. Make sure to head over to that tutorial page to get them setup first.