streaming tips

streaming tips


Don't have time to sit and ready through all the Streaming 101 info? Or did you read through it all and are looking for more info? Either way, here are some quick summary tips and highlights from this section. Best of luck in your streaming endeavor. If you have any further questions feel free to get in touch with me or our awesome community in the Discord server or leave a reply here.

  • Relax and have fun!

  • Do not worry about follower numbers when you are just starting out

  • Stream games that YOU want to play

  • Be consistent in your stream times

  • Practice interacting with your audience even if you have zero viewers in the room

  • Networking is key to build your community! Spend time actively viewing streams and interacting

    • Choose some like-minded streamers to hang out with

      • Join their Discord(s)! Yes. All of them! Continue to interact outside of the streams.

    • Get to know their followers and friends of their stream

    • Follow along on raids and expand your network

  • While you are building your community, Keep in mind that you need to consider yourself a brand and build your channel around this brand...theme, currency, graphics, etc. Invest in yourself.

  • Jazzing up your stream with better equipment and stream quality is a time and financial investment. Plan ahead! 

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