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Mixer: Free Subscriptions Now Available For Use. Support Your Favorite Partner!

As you may have heard, Mixer has been going through some site growing pains. They’ve been working around the clock to keep things up and running and they have also offered community members free 1 month subscriptions that they can use on their Mixer Partner of choice as long as you complete the steps in the following tweet. This is a full $5.99 savings and you will still reap all the benefits from subscribing, including custom emotes, double XP and Sparks in their channels and more.


As of Wednesday, April 19th 2018, the free sub codes have been applied to accounts and are ready for use! Be sure to go support a Mixer Partner soon as the free sub code will expire within 30 days if unused. Don’t miss out!





Head over to a Mixer Partner’s channel, click the subscribe button up top and then click the ‘Redeem Gift’ button. Enjoy!


mixer free sub


On Xbox

Head over to a Partner’s Mixer channel and click the subscribe button on the top of the screen.






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