Here is a current list of active user commands on my Mixer channel. Just type these into chat. Items within [brackets] require additional text input. Most of these are Scorpbot commands. There are a few within Firebot and I will be experimenting with Streamlabs Chatbot soon as well.

Command Description
!cheers orange mocha frappuccinos!
!christmas how many days until Christmas?
!commands shows you a current list of available commands
!currency summary on our potato, channel currency
!dadjokes yup we've got em
!discord get the Discord link and info
!fc Get my Nintendo Switch friend code. Add me!
!followage [username] how long have you been following the channel?
!games summary on available chat games
!gawk shows you Spam's Gawkbox link to tip for free!
!give shows you the proper command to share your potatoes with others
!gs [xbox gamertag] shows your current gamerscore
!gt see my xbox gamertag. Add me!
!host shows you how to host channel on Xbox
!hosts shows current number of people hosting the channel
!hours #1 viewer based on hours watched
!hours5 Top 5 viewers based on hours watched
!hours10 Top 10 viewers based on hours watched
!joined [username] shows how long user has been on Mixer
!justonemore Lets everyone know how many times Spam has attempted one more try
!leave lets Spam and mods know that you would like to be removed from the current game queue
!level shows your current Mixer level
!loots shows you Spam's loots link to tip for free!
!lurk Lets everyone know you will be in chat, but unavailable
!milk Yes. I need some milk.
!mixiversary shows the exact start date and time that you joined Mixer
!mod provide some info on becoming a mod
!nextgiveaway shows the required number of followers needed before the next giveaway
!nextrank shows your next potential rank and the hours needed to reach it
!potato see your current rank, hours and # of potatoes
!potatoes see your current rank, hours and # of potatoes
!roll this is how we roll...
!rules see the channel rules
!shoutout a quick note regarding shoutouts
!social see some of Spam's social media links
!sparks shows your current number of sparks
!steamkey summary on how to redeem a Steam key
!tater yup. Taters...
!tip shows you Spam's donation link. Thank you!
!tokens15 shows top 15 viewers with highest number of tokens
!top top viewer based on # of potatoes
!top5 Top 5 viewers based on # of potatoes
!top10 Top 10 viewers based on # of potatoes
!top15 Top 15 viewers based on # of potatoes
!top20 Top 20 viewers based on # of potatoes
!unlurk lets everyone know that you are back from your lurk and ready to hang
!uptime shows how long current stream has been live
!viewers shows current number of Mixer viewers
!wat wat crew represent!
!weather [location] shows current weather conditions at the stated location


Streaming with a capture card and PC gives you the creative freedom to design and layout your channel as you see fit. I will run down my current software setup that I currently run. I will also try and keep this page updated as I experiment or swap out software.





Main streaming software:

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and experimenting with the StreamlabsOBS beta.


Elgato drivers and game capture software which allow the capture card to talk with OBS. Note that this software is not opened directly but used more like a plug-in to OBS.




Scorpbot runs most of my channel commands, keeps track of my viewer stats and currency. I also use the chat function to monitor chat.



Firebot: Initially I ran all my interactives through Scorpbots's built in Interactive board, but have since switched over to Firebot as it is a little more user friendly and gives some more flexibility with the details of you buttons.



VLC Player: Handles my channel tunes.



Snaz: awesome freeware program that I use for my countdown and streamboss timers. There is additional functionality that allows you to cycle text, show real time readouts of your PC stats, etc.



Discord app. I keep Discord open all the time and use streamer mode while streaming. It silences all notifications, but it's good to have in case you get an important DM or have to handle something mid stream.




Loots. I keep this open as I find it easier to read loots messages directly from the website.



Streamlabs.com. my go-to site to handle stream notifications, giveaway wheel spins, streamboss, tip jar, Streamlabels, etc. This is what I consider my workhorse of the stream. Streamlabs does such an amazing job keeping this up to date for us Mixer streamers.


My streaming setup is currently geared towards gaming console streaming however with a few minor input and output adjustments, same or separate PC streaming can easily be accomplished.

What you will see here is by no means a minimum in equipment you need to get started streaming. In fact, I would argue against purchasing all this equipment if you are just starting out. When I set my mind to something I tend to over do it a bit. It also doesn't help that I am somewhat of an audiophile so I strive to create the best quality content for your viewing pleasure.

Most current gen gaming consoles have built in streaming options so you could get started with that and the addition of a basic headset with microphone if you intent on interacting with your audience, which I highly recommend.

Direct console streaming is somewhat limited compared to streaming through a capture card on a PC, but it is definitely a start. Introducing a PC and capture card opens up a lot more possibilities for fancy green screen effects, overlays, sounds, interactive boards, etc. that you see as the norm on streaming sites.

I plan to create addition write ups breaking down some of thia content so check back often for updates.